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            標簽: 搜索引擎優化



            If you are a CXO, the most important things that occupy must be two things – profitability and sustainability.如果您是CXO,那么最重要的事情必須是兩件事-盈利能力和可持續性。 You can be profitable today, but can you sustain the company for the infinity?您今天可以盈利,但是您可以維持公司無限發展嗎? Profitability and sustainability are therefore two sides of the same coin.因此,盈利能力和可持續性是同一枚硬幣的兩個方面。 You will have a dud coin if you only have one embossed side.如果您只有一個浮雕的一面,您將擁有一個啞幣。


            簡而言之:SEO之前的FEO –為獲利而進行的網站優化

            Every digital marketer will talk about SEO (search engine optimization).每個數字營銷商都會談論SEO(搜索引擎優化)。 But having consulted since the start of the commercial Internet in 1996 till now, one of the worst problems and often neglected has been OPTIMIZATION, specifically FEO (front-end optimization).但是自從XNUMX年商用互聯網問世以來一直進行咨詢,最糟糕的問題之一(通常被忽略)是優化,尤其是FEO(前端優化)。



            Getting a website up is no longer difficult, at least on the surface.至少從表面上看,建立一個網站不再困難。 Anyone can claim to set up a website for you.任何人都可以聲稱為您建立了一個網站。 But the secret about a high-performance website is what is done at the backend of the server level and are steeped in technical complexity that most web designers have no interest or knowledge of.但是,有關高性能網站的秘訣是在服務器級別的后端完成的工作,而且技術復雜性非常高,大多數Web設計師對此都不感興趣。 Let's explore some of these secrets that would propel your website skywards with better PageSpeed and YSlow scores (for better SEO), and especially for mobile users.讓我們探索其中的一些秘密,這些秘密會以更好的PageSpeed和YSlow得分(以獲得更好的SEO)推動您的網站飛速發展,尤其是對于移動用戶。

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