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            標簽: 電子商務



            If you are a CXO, the most important things that occupy must be two things – profitability and sustainability.如果您是CXO,那么最重要的事情必須是兩件事-盈利能力和可持續性。 You can be profitable today, but can you sustain the company for the infinity?您今天可以盈利,但是您可以維持公司無限發展嗎? Profitability and sustainability are therefore two sides of the same coin.因此,盈利能力和可持續性是同一枚硬幣的兩個方面。 You will have a dud coin if you only have one embossed side.如果您只有一個浮雕的一面,您將擁有一個啞幣。


            簡而言之:SEO之前的FEO –為獲利而進行的網站優化

            Every digital marketer will talk about SEO (search engine optimization).每個數字營銷商都會談論SEO(搜索引擎優化)。 But having consulted since the start of the commercial Internet in 1996 till now, one of the worst problems and often neglected has been OPTIMIZATION, specifically FEO (front-end optimization).但是自從XNUMX年商用互聯網問世以來一直進行咨詢,最糟糕的問題之一(通常被忽略)是優化,尤其是FEO(前端優化)。



            Skechers與時俱進,在新加坡開設了更多零售店(資源),盡管采取了繁重,過度和無效的COVID19監管措施。 Why?為什么? Simple.簡單。



            Call me old-fashioned, but I still meander through the city malls here, usually to purge the cache in my brains, to be ready for the next wave of work that demands creativity.稱呼我是老式的,但我仍然蜿蜒穿過這里的城市購物中心,通常是為了清除大腦中的存儲空間,為下一輪需要創造力的工作做好準備。 Yet, when I traverse through many of these malls, it is common to see white boarded walls in what used to be vibrant retail shops.然而,當我穿越許多購物中心時,通常在充滿活力的零售商店中看到白板墻。 There seems more and more white walled up spaces than there are active retail shops these days, and it is worrying.如今,白色的圍墻空間似乎比活躍的零售店越來越多,這令人擔憂。 It reminds me of many years ago when I was in Melbourne, and there are streets of vacant shops, and plenty of “for lease” signs everywhere.這讓我想起了很多年前,當我在墨爾本的時候,到處都是空置商店的街道,到處都是“出租”的招牌。 We are now facing that here.我們現在在這里面對這個問題。



            時間不好。 在困難時期,營銷人員會做兩件事,多花錢或少花錢。 明智的人在困難時期花費更多。 為什么?

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