Welcome to McGallen & Bolden, your preferred choice for a PR agency and digital marketing partner!

As a business owner or leader, you are pressed for:

The economy is in the pits. You?have tried advertising, made cold calls, worked through distribution channels, trained?your employees, and perhaps even worked with some marketing?agencies and social campaigns. You may have been disappointed by “suits” who merely moved papers and emails around.

You always knew you want some fundamental things:

  • Do better?and?BETTER
  • FOCUS on your business with less burden
  • OUTPERFORM your competition
  • Work with a TRUSTED?PARTNER

You came to the RIGHT PLACE!

We have been leading for about?30 years, serving our clients to get known by the media and the public, helping them grow?sales and profits, inspiring and motivating their employees. And most importantly, lifting their burdens so they can FLY!

We are a tech and B2B PR pioneer since 1991. While some think a “tech/B2B PR” agency is just one that “handles”?tech clients, we hold ourselves to a much HIGHER standard. We call ourselves a tech/B2B PR agency because we are tech practitioners ourselves with a strong high-level strategic business background; we study tech in detail, and we can evangelize tech on stage or in the media. Unlike some who will tell you they have served particular clients in the past and can only produce a stack of coverage reports, we are the very same people who have served all our clients PERSONALLY and will serve you PERSONALLY – all that 60+ years of collective expertise and proven knowledge are at your service.

We are lean, independent, creative, inventive, extremely knowledgeable, and thoroughly field-proven and battle-tested.?Think of us as Commandos and Surgeons?of Public Relations (PR), Digital Marketing and Training, who will help you with confidence, expertise, decisiveness, and RESULTS.

When you look at our services and successes, you will notice DETAILS. You get a good idea of our approach. For example, when some may reduce?“media training” to?a bullet point, we show you our approach of media training and crisis communication using the field-proven aviation best practices of CRM and TEM. When some may reduce?“digital marketing” to?a bullet point, we show you our deep experience of designing web properties to UX, PageSpeed and other best practices, and also our approach to video and mobile in digital marketing. We are hands-on practitioners who aren’t afraid to show you HOW we do it. We make PR and marketing real for you.

Talk to us. We are not just a PR or a digital marketing agency. We bring CXO experience coupled with the full spectrum of field experience and expertise to the table. We will be the very people who will serve you. We will fight alongside with you in?your business battles. And we will root for you to WIN.