Wednesday January 17, 2007

January 17, 2007


why is this society simply so unforgiving?.



good will hunting is a freaking good movie.the sad part was tht,i have to watch this movie in a time period of three days.which means,three different days thanks to our limited time for english class.I had breakfast @ ss15 with alvin.alvin’s eating dimsum.looks tasty eh?.


after that,we went back to his place to get some stuff and i caught these cats in action!.


charlie’s felines’ we totally forgot about lunch and i head on back to college for “Moral Studies”.this is what happens when i get too* bored.


nick caught sleeping during lecture!


pelajar yang rajin.


i can’t see her from here.


my water bottle. everyone laughed at me.telling me like, hey why are u drinking glue?. and a big baby.

i have to start introducing this gorgeous looking best friend of mine, sue-yenn!. i repeat. sue-yenn. she’s been a dear close friend since like std 6 till today. friends you can keep. heard of tht? friendship tht was clearly proven over the years. we were not in talking terms at one point.believe tht or not.but its all good now. we’re hitting downtown to Starhill Gallery this weekend o Jogoya.i cant wait!.

yenn 1



moi n sueyenn

i love this chick to bits. sadly,she’s taken by Mr.Ong Kee Weng. *tearing* had accounting class.it was so-so la.nothing spectacular.i enjoyed every single second of it.

me n thasha



jeong ah was too shy to even pose for me. *sobz* she a sweetheart of mine.


its actually raining right now,i just couldn’t resist the temptation!. *naughtynaughty?.*

me n alvin

i absolutely love the food here. yummmm!.

tomorrow is my date line for my stupid english draft. wish me luck.

toodles!. <3


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