Wednesday April 11, 2007

April 11, 2007

its gonna be a short short post. im busy with work and all. okay,im just gonna try this video blogging thing to see if it works. criticism is good!. i had a long long day,had lunch in Dave’s Deli in Subang Parade. then college again,then i went to Sunway College for my Moral Studies test. gosh,those peeps of mine did really freaked out.
misssss u’ll so much!.
i bought two pairs of pumps,one in white and black,worth only $80. hello.for kick ass pumps,its cheap laa!. then,MNG is on sale. and im going to the National Islamic Museum tomorrow. gosh,ANOTHER trip?!! im tired laaa.  presenting my lovely lovely future architects. *mwahs*
i know its pretty disappointing not much of updates,but tomorrow la ok? oh ya,the *backstabbing*
will see you tomorrow.
toodles!. <3

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