Tuesday October 30, 2007

October 30, 2007

I have been busy darlings. its my last week of college lecture as well as the submission for most of my current projects. will post up the building construction model which i bet will totally kick ass. self praise is no praise right? but its the hardwork effort thats paid off. we spent the whole day doing the model and they’re all staying over. Anyways, had dinner at Pizza Uno with Siti and Maizan in Taipan.

the need for speed.

siti enjoying her sunroof moments. note:there was no sun.

her arms are not as huge as it seems in the picture. somethings you’ve gotta rectify!


i looked so horrible in the picture above,with the whole oversized jersey and i was driving! then we continued back at home, my home i mean.

sorry for the picture quality,the lighting was pretty bad.
from left, maizan, siti nurul, myself, aaron and doreen.


myself & maizan.

the girls.♥

gotta get back to work now,its almost 2am in the morning.

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