Tuesday November 27, 2007

November 27, 2007

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Its such a good start to kick off my holidays. Well,been missing out a lot on the family and homie side of my life. So,these are the 10 things i’ve been up to at home lately:

1) Giving brownthepom the shower he deserves. Just realized how long his fur has grown.

2) Grocery shopping over and over again with mum,stocking up the house with snacks & junkies.

3) Catching up on my beauty sleep;
waking up in the afternoon (not everyday).

4) Cleaning out my freaking closet that looks as though its gonna collapse onto me everytime i slide it open. serious!

5) How can i possibly miss out on pampering myself at home,yes at home.  With hair treatment god knows why i even have that freaking machine at home and mask mask masks!

6) Been singing my hearts out lately at home *blushes*, that includes the bathroom & theatre room part. haha!

7) I’ve finally gotten my chance to watch TV,believe it or not,i missed watching TV.

8) Here goes my weirdest habits, i actually love ironing clothes and mopping the floor. there you go,wtfffffff right?

9) Staying home at times makes me feel like a child again, running around screaming “No mummy,i’m watching TV.I’ll do that later!”.   that is priceless to me,just realized how busy i was.

10) Last but not least, being the driver to send my grandma for her chemotherapy to the hospital, and driving my mum around.

love the family.
see you tonight darlings.

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1 comment “Tuesday November 27, 2007”

  1. trxr4kdz says:

    sorry to hear about your grandma having to go to chemo I hope she will be fine…

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