Tuesday November 11, 2008

November 11, 2008

Good news,i finally caught up with some sleep though i slept at 3am which is pretty rare nowadays. Its as if some part of a mind blockage were removed and i’m lost for words. It seems like when you look at life and its many challenges as a test, perhaps a series of tests, you’d begin to see each issue you face as an opportunity to grow; as a chance to roll with the punches. Whether you’re being bombarded with problems, responsibilities, even surrounded by hurdles; taking things as a test will eventually prove that we all have a chance to succeed.

Easier said than done.

If you take every single battle which has to be won in order to survive, you’re probably in for a very rocky journey; like myself. The only time you’re likely to be happy is when everything is working out just right. Loosen up a little but,I’ve been told. 

Honestly,i suffer from a great deal of rushing to get things done; its like my second nature wtf thanks to my mum who’s a lot like that. Never knew how to take a chill pill. Then somehow i realized that if i wanted to be happy,my goal didn’y necessarily have to be organized in order to have more time but whether i could get to the point where i felt it was okay that i couldn’t get everything done that i felt i must. I still struggle now and then about my perceived lack of time, but less than i used to.

Do you ever feel like time is never enough?

Clock has been ticking it tock for quite a while now,and i think its time to realize that you can’t change whats been done. I’ve been falling in and out, constantly reminding myself (after having a couple of reminders of course) that there is this fine line which i can’t help but draw to keep a distance from trouble. As cliche as this might sound, i only seek to be and feel happy. I’m a big fan of people who smile all the time,or perhaps own a very genuine smile. You and I both know how to differentiate a smile that glows from the inside, or otherwise. I uploaded pictures of people smiling back dating in my photo album collection.





Some things that makes me smile. People tend to take for granted the beauty of capturing moments in pictures,moments which belongs to you and only you will know the depth and value of the pictures.

Pulling off an Arizz trademark pose.
Was this even intentional?

The picture of the artist that i drew wtf. Make a wild guess.
Hope you had an awesome time smiling too!
See you soon. ♥

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