Tuesday March 18, 2008

March 18, 2008

Its been a while.
           since we last shared that very same laughter.
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camwhoring with webcam can be pretty fun.

i’ve blog hopped from one site to another to gather the pictures,and not to mention Facebook, clicked,edited,clicked,hosted and then copying it onto the Look & Feel section of this crazy Xanga page. The least you should do,is to just tell me that you’re satisfied or something lah, oh poor fingers of mine. If you dislike my choice of picture which caught my eye on the very first glance,then just simply drop me a message or something k?

Its not like i’m so free to do up 20 links a day,but as far as i’m concern i only revamp and redo the links when the circle of blogging kaki’s gets bigger and wider. moreover,to those who linked me up,thanks a lot and in case i’ve missed out (most definitely will ) just let me know. Hope you’re happy with the results,and feedbacks welcomed.

Just to update a little, i’ve been and will be busy working on my model, a house built for a dancer, as well as all the assignments. God knows who gave some the impression that i’ve got all the time in the world to do everything and everything, hey thats not true. At the end of the day,i get so tired that i literally knock out. Anyway,i hope you’re all having a great time because i’m not.

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28th April 2007,Malacca’s Satay Celup.
its been a while since.

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