Thursday October 11, 2007

October 11, 2007


as much as some happiness can really bring you places. There is so much more to life than just a simple thing called love. i have this sudden random thought that just flew pass my tiny mind. do you believe in a second chance in life? i do. its not that i’m ungrateful or anything, i just felt as though im so weirdo trying to make a statement here about how much i believe in second chances.We are all undeniably living in an unforgiving land filled with people who doesn’t give two shits to take a second look around to know you. I chose not to open up to people that i don’t feel comfortable opening up to. Someone,perhaps like you?

how can someone actually be so sure about their future? knowing so well, what lies ahead of them. And boy,you’re wasting it. You have got so much good values in you which can take you places. I don’t quite know if you’d find this interesting, take a step back and look further ahead of you.


i had an early class at 8am today,then breakfast with yee wa. met alvin for a shortwhile. Then off to Leo’s to meet kee weng. Since exams is all over for him, so we decided to hungout for a short while.
it wasn’t that short actually. i miss you sue-yenn♥

just looked through my older albums,found these pictures.which was kinda sweet,to me la of course.  those were the good old days.

melissa & myself. and sherman of course.

I have to stop being so randomly nice to people before i start getting into unnecessary trouble again. i am weird,i am too observant and sensitive towards my surroundings. shit,and i still can’t figure out why.  remember i mentioned about the Japanese restaurant my dad’s currently working on, its Kampachi Japanese Restaurant formally made famous in Hotel Equitorial,now there’s a new one in Pavillion. However, bring enough $$.
i know that you are reading this. So are you happy now?  

to all my friends who’s celebrating Hari Raya and all,have a safe trip!

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