Thursday November 22, 2007

November 22, 2007



good day everyone,this post is up for the ones who emailed me,private messaged me,and etc for the clothes. first and foremost, a thousand of apologies for my effin’ poser pictures and just this once with more SS (syoksendiri/self-satisfying) moments.the prices remain the same,please leave me an email if you’re interested  again if you’ve already told me before to confirm.thanks. lets give it a go!
i’ve always hated taking pictures in my room due to the dimmed lights. Thus,a wee bit of photo enhancing was necessary.

note: only the tops are for SALE. the girl & the leggings aren’t for sale.

and the similar one in Black.

the fattest you can look.

these piece in green and purple is identical.

i hope they suit you.  good night darlings. ♥


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