Sunday March 16, 2008

March 16, 2008


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love this picture! Man Utd rawr.

The time is here. I’m gonna be doing my relinking on the right hand tab today,so for those who’re interested to exchange links or be linked,please do just leave me a note.  there’s already 50 on my list and confirm die lah today,but please please please leave me a note just in case i forget aite!

i don’t do this often,so its gonna be quite a while till i do the whole relinking thing again.gonna take up the next two days to do it all up!


i’m having difficulties going from one site to another and choosing pictures,like OMG lah. so please just bear with me for a couple of days,and its best you send me an email! there will be another 60links coming up with pictures. Any complains leave me a note or private message me aite? there goes the first 15 i think. it’ll be a great help to send me those pictures!

Reply to CBOX :

ee von, thanks for the compliment. hey it made my day okay.

jan, hey there who ever you are.thats very sweet of you!

davidlin, who else lah?omg damn lame man that dude who’s blowing the bubbles!

dave, well missycheerio is afterall human right? whats wrong with emo posts anyway!

karla, hurry! it seems like no one’s giving a damn about my tag. but oh well,thanks!

melisa, thanks babe.

anonymous,i shouldn’t be replying you,but yeah i was in Pelita the other day.

Sheng Mae,already replied you sweets.

daniel, thank you!

Yenn, i’m damn sad lah now Yenn,can’t seem to catch you online. wrong timing lah!will put a drop dead gorgeous for the artist on my blog okay wtf.

Marcus, sorry with love.

fibiee, hey! im the most hopeless girl when it comes to remembering faces and names. sorry! i guess things will get better soon.thank you so much for your concern. cheers.

tiff, damn random right! you still owe me the tag.  muahahahahahaha.

agri, now you’re on top of the list! poor thing exquisitetaste got hacked. any suspects?

Sue anne,will do. no worries. you’re on my list anyways.


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