Once we know our weaknesses they cease to do us any harm.
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, physicist

We have been helping our clients with RED TEAMING for decades. It is time to offer it specifically to benefit from our collective 55 years of business and professional field experience. You get real, proven, tested experience and expertise. If you have a startup, a long established business or unit, and you wonder if your strategy, roadmap, blueprint or implementation will make sense in the real world, and not simply rely on the echo chamber within your own closed circles, talk to us.

In today’s turbulent world where crises abound (trade wars, pandemics, conflicts, hyper-competition, etc), you need C2C?, the approach of “Crisis To Change”. Talk to us to help streamline, tweak, transform, your leadership and communication approaches to be better prepared for the new century.

RED TEAMING – an approach for any business strategy and implementation to keep your business alert, agile, and real. Red teaming started in the military and aviation, where the red team will find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the main team (also known as “opposing force” in military and war games, or “red cell”). Some internal managers may only look inwards, and overlook possible flaws in their approaches, even though they may adopt the “BLUE TEAM” approach (an internal team to identify flaws and vulnerabilities). This is where we, the RED TEAM, comes in. After working with you, you will have addressed as many possible vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your strategies as we can, so your success rates will be much higher. RED+BLUE makes a perfect team!

C2C? - Crisis To Change (our transformation communicaiton and leadership services)

What can we help you with, as your Red Team?

  • Strategy dissection, diagnostics, and analyses
  • Devil’s advocate for your claims, assumptions, positioning, etc
  • Competition analyses
  • “If, Then, Else” analyses
  • Digitalization (strategy, website, SEO, cybersecurity, e-commerce)

The difference between merely a sceptic and a Red Team is that while sceptics simply criticize, our Red Teaming approach is to complement your Blue Team (internal auditors) to ensure we converge to find solutions for your problems. While we will be brutally honest, and incisively analytical, we will work with you to find positive outcomes.

From 1990s to now

Our principals are well-read in global affairs, diplomacy, politics, sciences, technologies, business methodologies, leadership principles, marketing anbd branding, and have braved all the major storms for the past decades, and helped many clients managed communication through all these:

  • 1997, Asian Financial Crisis
  • 2000, Dotcom Bubble (Dotcom Crash)
  • 2003, SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome)
  • 2004, H5N1 aka “bird flu”
  • 2008, Global Financial Crisis & Global Recession
  • 2009, H1N1 flu pandemic
  • 2019, SARS-CoV-2 pandemic (COVID-19)
  • 2020, Stock Market Crash (COVID-19)

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