March 7, 2009

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I am in an extremely good mood today,i’ve not been this genuinely happy for quite a while now. :) The simplest hanging out session with EVo and his two brothers having lunch at Pappa Rich and seeing myself chewing down Hershey’s chocolate was simply indescribable. You know,i kinda grew up in the absence of having older siblings,and having that one sort of a feeling being looked after and given in to is kinda awesome.

From the very start,to be very honest I didn’t know how it’d be to be without; would sorrow sink in and drown me six feet under? These things that i’ve been pondering over,and it weighs me down sometimes. Thankfully,we all know that its only a matter of time where you’ll find the answer within yourself; to know that god is always watching over us and for that we should walk on by with our heads held up high. :)

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I love this picture of myself and the third brother,Shadow. :)
My current Facebook profile picture yo!

I really wanted to post up on the Redang trip,guess i’ll leave tht for tomorrow.
Thats my quick update for now,i’m glad to have the three brothers; really. :)

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14 comments “Shadow.”

  1. Blurry D says:

    ahahah buzz you are a big time blogger and party animal man where do you find the time to do it ?


  2. EVo says:

    Heyy misseh..thanks for makin it a fun saturday..! shadow misses u already ;)

  3. *YenN says:

    Miss u girl. <3

  4. maRCus says:

    Okaaay!!! that IT!! im jeles!

    #1. Jin, you’re leaning IN TOO MUCH! back off slowly, and you wont be harmed.

    #2. EVo, you’ve gota wipe the kawal-cool smirk off your face. its [dot] [dot] [dot]

    #3. and Ellie, you look gorgeous, as always.. :-D

  5. missycheerio says:

    Blurry D – Party animal? Where did that came from! :| I’m anything but a party animal laaaaaaa! There’s always time for everything.

    EVo – I miss Shadow already too :( It was one of the best i had!

  6. missycheerio says:

    Yenn* – I miss you too! come home sooon.

    Marcus – Marcus Tan Eng Soon should have been in the picture to fill in that gap! :D

  7. Blurry D says:

    haha lol ok the i take back my words then…….

    See ya soon… la la la la la la

  8. missycheerio says:

    Blurry D – :) wokaysss

  9. Aaron C says:

    Spotted…. Cute dog… Feel like petting it… Golden retrievers are super cute… Wish i had one…

  10. Aaron C says:

    Oh ya. I think this is the first time i am commenting on ur blog. HAHA

  11. Asha says:

    shadow defly massively cute like gosh feel like huggin him *tiieee hug*

    glad to hear that you feelin better, and that ur sat is going really good and HAPPY.. u deserve to be happy

  12. missycheerio says:

    Aaron C. – As long as you don’t make it your last can already :) Yes it is very cute,but way larger in size than Brownie!

    Asha – Yes i deserve to be happy. :) there might be a movie premier coming up soon,will let you know okay?

  13. Asha says:

    i would luf too missy :) *waiting mood* hehe

  14. missycheerio says:

    Asha – Will get right back at you !

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