March 2, 2013

It seems like people always want what they can’t have. Grass will somewhat appear greener on the other side, and as cliche as it sounds, we all have that hot-wired in ourselves. At least that is how I perceive it. I don’t mean to kick off my Saturday morning on such a low note, but it’s just the thought of the day. The past one week has been great. Maybe the whole idea of throwing myself into a whirlpool of uncertainties helped. Maybe sometimes life deserves a change, and we all just need that knock on the head to wake us up from the horrible dream. Maybe every once in a while, it’d be good to give yourself a pat on the back, and stand up for what you believe in. It is okay to feel weak and defeated, as long as you know that it will all eventually be a passing thing. This too, will pass. My classes are starting on Monday, and to be honest, I’m pretty darn excited. The thought of being under immense pressure brings out the Ellie in me, LOL. :D This will be a pretty tough semester ahead, so I better work twice as hard to keep my good grades. I like challenges. I like the chase, the pursuit for an upgrade in life. I don’t like feeling stagnant. Hey, it doesn’t mean I don’t know how to just chill out or shop. :) I believe that life requires a balance. You can’t have everything in life, therefore you must prioritize. As of now, my studies is my top priority, followed by getting abs and having a kick ass body, and lastly growing stronger as an individual. Too much of something may not be a good thing. Anything done excessively, that somewhat becomes an addiction will eventually be a problem. Have some sort of control over your life. Be decisive. Pre-workout vanity. :) I’ve been working out a lot over the past couple of days. Maybe it’s the whole Melbourne vibe that gets me going. Its always a nice sight to watch people being so dedicated to living healthy, and it really is much easier to eat ‘clean’ here if you want to. I’ve promised myself never to make the same mistake of putting on weight while I’m here,so instead of just preventing that from happening passively, I figured why not throw in a challenge to counter that fear. I can drop a couple of tips that I’ve picked up over the months of researching. Well, firstly, you can try putting on fitting clothes, ones that would show your figure, so you prevent yourself from being in denial about how you really look through baggy clothes. This is really important. I think wearing tight clothes will make you feel like crap if you’re overweight or you have love handles, but if you do it with the intention of losing weight and have a wee bit of faith that admitting you’re a fatty at that moment may actually resolve your life long struggles of being fat. Talk about being fat like it’s just a state that you’re caught in, and you’ll be out of it in no time. I know it can be depressing, causing you to lose self-confidence and that will lead on to a chain reaction which causes nothing but misery. Fat people tend to stay fat for a reason. You go from feeling upset, to helpless, self-hating and just give up when it passes the point of no return. So here’s is me assuring you that it is

never too late to become who you might have been. It is never too late to fix yourself and look at life in a larger perspective. Would you allow the first 25% of your life (assuming you live up to 100 years old hahaha) to affect the remaining 75%? All it takes may be a months of hard work and you’ll be out of it. :) Getting started is always difficult, but lets be frank, you know you have been your worst enemy. It was you who chose the food you consume, you couldn’t say No, and please don’t blame your lifestyle. Speaking from my own experience, it really is easier to blame the world than to admit that I may have taken the easier way out. The rice bowl theory. Well I grew up in a household where my mum would always feed us right, and the typical Asian (perhaps just Chinese upbringing?) where our parents would ensure that we’ve been well fed. My mum still does the same, “Girl, are you sure you’ve eaten enough? Eat more lahhhhh” whenever I’m back home in Malaysia. We tend to overeat. The fist theory. Realize that in general, your portion sizes are probably too big. Accepted portion sizes have practically doubled in the past 50 years. Remember that your stomach is about the size of

your fist. Don’t expect to stuff 10 times that amount of food into it without negative consequences. Something many people don’t realize is that your stomach will stretch when you’re used to eating a lot. If you only eat small amounts of food at a time, your stomach won’t ever stretch out like it does when you gorge yourself on a big meal, and then, with a smaller stomach, it won’t take as much to make you feel full. #RiceBowlTheory is basically something I’ve developed. It’s pretty similar to the whole eating anything within the size of your fist. There is a reason why Asians in Japan, Korea or Hong Kong are generally smaller in size as compared to Western countries. It all boils down to eating habits and food portions. Asians usually have rice in at least one meal, and ever noticed how we get full really quickly (or feel as if we’ve eaten a lot) in a Chinese wedding dinner? This is what I’ve realized. By having 8-10 course dishes where we would fill the small bowl with one dish after the other, it subconsciously tells the mind (visually or mentally) that we’ve been repeating that same process for a good 8 times. “You’ve eaten a lot and you should probably stop now”, says the tummy to the mind. You wouldn’t feel as bad if you had a standard sized Ikea plate in front of you, because then it would seem like you’re only eating ONE plate, filled with eight dishes. We have a pretty good way of tricking our own mind into overeating. A change in the way you serve/consume food might just change everything. Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. So here’s what I propose. Go to your favorite store and buy yourself a bowl. Not just any bowl, but the bowl that will change the way you eat and consume food. Pick a size and imagine that size in your tummy. :) It works thinking about one bowl stuffed into my stomach and that alone scares me. I don’t encourage extreme diets or starvation, because that would only decrease your metabolism rate and be realistic. Pick up good eating habits. Habits that you can maintain for the rest of your life. It’s like making a fashion statement through the way you eat. (Does that even make sense?) I still eat whatever I want, but I avoid taking carbs for dinner. Pan fried salmon tossed w hollandaise sauce & chili flakes. A quick vege fix of spinach, onions and mushrooms at the bottom. Fusion// baby bak choy, mussels, squid rings and prawns, lightly tossed in marmite broth. Stewed pork & mushrooms with marmite, eggs, spring onions. So many people crunch their lives away in the gym in hopes of those elusive abs yet when they walk into the kitchen they completely undo the work they’ve done. They bury those hard earned abs beneath a veil of poor food choices. I’m hoping to get my abs in three months. Means my workout should hopefully be more intense, and I’m looking to lose all the excess fat through cardio over the next month. I’m not trying to make it sound all too easy, because I have been through frustrating and self-hating times. Don’t ever give up, because only you can get yourself out of any bad situation. Learn to love yourself and realize that life is worth an upgrade. You get boys chasing down the streets! ;) Try out #RiceBowlTheory and hashtag it on Instagram if you wanna give it a try. :) Till then, gotta head out to get my new super PC today. Lotsa love!  

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  1. S says:

    Wow! This actually did wonders! Thanks for the tip! :)

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