MBScoreCard? Calculator is an experimental demonstration of the 21st century concept of media valuation when you are calculating media coverage, rather than using the antiquated and disputed AVE (advertising value equivalence). Think along the lines of AMEC’s Barcelona Principles.

Some practitioners not only adhere to AVE, but add “multipliers”, which vary wildly from 3x to even 10x. This can create disputes between agency practitioners and clients. Further, when examining such variable “measurements”, geographical markets are not specifically measured. This piece (among many) from the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) makes a great read.

For example, in a geographical market that has 100 million people compared to a market with 5 million people, the measurements need to be different. In a market where the GDP and expenditure is much higher, the measurements compared to another market would also cause variance. In some markets, it is easy to attract media attendance, while in certain developed markets it is difficult to garner media attendance, so the measurements need to vary as well.