NIVEA Pure & Natural Launch.

January 4, 2013

Greetings. 2013 is near, and I hope this post finds each and everyone of you all fine and dandy. :) Sorry I’ve been away for two weeks, been busy coping with life and doing the things I love. Speaking of which, I’ve recently discovered a brand new range of products by Nivea which was made famous, thanks to Kate Middleton, our very own favourite princess. If you’ve followed my blog/instagram long enough, you would know that I’m pretty careful and picky when it comes to skincare. I’m really vain when it comes to maintaining good skin, and girls, it’s never too ‘early’ to start indulging in skincare products. Prevention is better than cure. :)

First off, NIVEA, one of the world’s largest skin care brands, launched its new Pure & Natural range celebrating skin naturally. A Kate Middleton favourite, the gentle yet effective pure care range packs 8 powerful benefits from nature for a healthier skin. I have a relatively sensitive skin, and I do get allergic reactions whenever I try new products, but here’s the best part, this is as pure as it can get. It works amazingly for people with all skin types.

So what are the 8 benefits?

  1. 3X more Vitamic E
  2. Protects skin barriers
  3. Protects moisture levels
  4. Repairs skin layers
  5. Effective healing properties
  6. Provides soothing effect for the skin
  7. Provides anti-bacterial effects for the skin
  8. Free of Parabens, Silicones, colourants and mineral oils, hence eliminating any side effect to the skin.

Let me first guide you through the main products. :) It consists of a face care series,body lotion and deodorant. This range contains up to 95% natural ingredients such as organic Argon Oil, Aloe Vera gel, chamomile and Jojoba Oil. This means great news for those who want sustainable products without compromising on safety, effectiveness and care, whilst enjoying a pleasant fragrance. I usually stick to products who smell just like their natural ingredients, au-naturale is the way to go.


“For years, we have been researching natural ingredients, and therefore we know exactly the valuable contribution natural ingredients can make to the skin. NIVEA Pure and Natural works effectively to repair damaged skin through the 8 benefits of nature and it does not thin your skin as it is free of preservatives,” said Mr Ng Hock Guan, BDF Marketing and SCM Director.

“We’re excited to be carrying NIVEA’s Pure and Natural range because it fits perfectly with our Guardian shopper profile – healthy and beauty conscious. Increasingly, consumers are searching for skin care products that are natural yet effective and with the Pure & Natural range, we’re able to cater to their needs,” said Ms Soon Ai Lan, General Manager Merchandizing, Guardian.

In the Hot Seat with Mr Ng Hock Guan, BDF Marketing & SCM Director, Hannah Lo, Guest Celebrity and Ms Soon Ai Lan, General Manager Merchandising, Guardian.

Nivea Pure & Natural Launch at Delicious Dua Residency.

The media launch saw an interesting mix of elements channeling a woman’s inner princess ala Kate Middleton whilst celebrating skin the natural way. The launch kicked off with a Hot Seat session led by Daphne Iking.

“I first heard about NIVEA Pure & Natural overseas while reading a magazine. It was noted as Kate Middleton’s choice of skin care product, so I just had to try it too! Lo and behold I fell in love with the face moisturizer because even after skipping usage for 3 days due to my hectic schedule, my skin remains moisturized, soft and supple,” quipped Hannah, a firm believer of the range.


A skincare demo session by Nadia Heng, Miss Malaysia World 2010, on the importance of flawless and moisturized skin for a healthy glow and a more confident you. :)

Members of the media were then treated to a fashion show by Dominique Chan(men in blue) who showcased his latest collection. Hannah Lo closed the show as the finale, officially launching the NIVEA Pure & Natural Range into the market. :)

NIVEA Pure & Natural is currently available in Malaysia between RM8.90 to RM26.90 at all Guardian Pharmacies nationwide! :)

I did manage to raise one question at the event, regarding the suitability of this product range if it was used overseas, since I live in Melbourne. As you should know, the weather in Melbourne is a lot less humid, dry and having a good moisturizer is really crucial. Thankfully, I am sure  this would work well for me both in Malaysia and Melbourne.  I hope you’ll find yourself at your nearest Guardian Pharmacies to check out this new range because I highly recommend it! :)

NIVEA is a leading manufacturer of consumer products for skin and beauty care for over 100 years. The NIVEA brand portfolio includes NIVEA, NIVEA VISAGE, NIVEA Lip Care, and NIVEA for Men. For more information on NIVEA, visit www.nivea.com.my or Facebook: NIVEA MALAYSIA.

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5 comments “NIVEA Pure & Natural Launch.”

  1. wazy says:

    Nice review and event,already use NIVEA for Men and its great :-)

  2. hafizrahim says:

    Interesting product to try..definitely will recommend it to my wife. :)

  3. NIVEA product was great.. I used to try it long time ago.. Very satisfied.. =)

  4. dkna abza says:

    hanna lo is so beautiful :)

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