Monday July 14, 2008

July 14, 2008

Throwing a beach ball
           that bounces on and on.

In exactly two weeks,my holidays are coming to an end; frankly speaking i can’t wait till my new semester begins.Can’t say that i’m currently feeling magnificent, wasn’t feeling too well since Friday till yesterday morning. Been spending more time with my new laptop at home
,messing around with pictures & honestly i feel like staying home. Gonna be meeting up with the Sue sisters later tonight, probably redying my hair tomorrow, and a picnic session with the girls on Wednesday. 

I know its hard to get over it when you’ve been abandoned and disregarded, likewise there’s always someone to blame to make you look a little better, feel a little better, and feed the denial. Pointing out fingers never looked and felt that fabulous, making subjective statements and being defensive at the same to me is nothing but living in perfectionized denial,self-centered & you can go on filling in the blanks. Its easy to point out one’s mistakes, and i know i made a truckload; i am bluntly saying that things will improve,i never really did give up when it comes to changing,have I? 

Looking at the pattern of the attacks, it only seems to appear whenever i appear happy,enjoying myself or anything that screams positivity; that wasn’t such a good move.I would have felt the pain of words directed to make me feel awful and gracefully wrecking my name through such subjective opinions packed with broken grammars; to my surprise it was done intentionally every single time i appear happy. I might be wrong about this assumption, but girls dig this. You’ve got nothing else to talk about anyway,nothing relateable at least.I guess we’re even now. There is a reason why people can never pull a straight face when it comes to you,as the matter in fact only a hand full did.

Living to prove yourself worthy or break even with someone else is undeniably immature. No we don’t need synnonyms on Microsoft Words dictionary to dress up these word structures,who am i kidding? Claiming that you are happily satisfied is simply contradicting with the existing nature of yourself. I thought the feud was over,just get over it and live on smacking on the 10 ounce of makeup for every occasion for all that matters. It doesn’t take a 15 year old kid to read and know that the content is completely subjective. Its not that i give two shits about you, just find it rather tacky on the level of mentality of a brilliant individual. People don’t admit mistakes to give them the apparent equal rights to point out someone else’s mistakes.what are you trying to prove,honestly?

okay sue yenn is here,see you later goodbye.

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