Monday January 14, 2008

January 14, 2008

Drama, feuds & fights that you are hungered for,
Jealousy, insecurity & vengefulness cultivates from within,
Such shameful & dispraise worthy act deserves a spit,
A shell that has yet to be broken through,
Let me remind you to be vigilant with what you are yearning for,
While our paths crosses, the One above is watching patiently,
For that very day, a shameless figure fails to hide its disgrace.

Good day people. How was your day?
Thank goodness for the absence of Monday blues & its another simple ol’ weekday. I’ve got an opinion to share with you,so read on only if you’re interested.

So what do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?

There are times when you & I, do not seem to realize that our lives is all about winning & losing. Winning & losing in anyway for that matter is filled with pride. Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man has; it is the comparison that makes you proud, the pleasure of being above the rest.

Oh wait a minute, are you sure,
you are above the “rest” or is just solely just your own perception?

 A win lose attitude wears many faces, such as using other people, emotionally or physically for your own selfish purposes. Sometimes you will just end up die trying to get ahead at the expense of another. It is never too difficult to spot a “kiasu” king/queen. They are always insisting on getting things their way without concerning about others feelings. Spreading rumors about someone else as if by putting someone else down builds him/her up & of course; becoming so very freaking jealous and envious when something good happens to others.


Sounds familiar right, where you will go.
“That sounds a lot like ______”
One thing for sure, my wilds g
uess & yours is completely different!

In the end, it all backfires. If you adopt this “great” attitude towards life,its going to be a matter of time till people will wipe their dirty feet on you. You’ll be hiding your true feelings deep inside (on how peewee/disgusting/ashamed/undersized you feel). The beautiful thing about revenge is that, most people assume that you are winning the foolish game, however you are just hurting yourself. It takes a lot of love to hate someone, so what is it that you are hinting? 

On the other hand, maybe you belong to the all time favourite lose-lose people. If you really want to win at all cost, and I do the same as well, we will both end up losing. It usually happens when someone becomes infatuated (quietly) with another person in a negative way, usually happens to those who were once closest to us. If you’re not careful, boyfriend & girlfriend relationships might end up going down that lane. 

You’ve seen it. Two people dating & things go well at first. But gradually they become emotionally glued and codependent. They begin to get possessive and jealous (did I mention all the time?) They constantly need to be together, to touch, to feel secure, as if they OWN the other person (omfg headshottt!). The morale of the story, they begin to fight (behind closed doors, with all the weeping & yelling), argue & get back at each other after one party’s patience runs out.  

I’m up for my private victory against you. 

The key to win this apparent championshit, is to learn that it all begins with you. If you are extremely insecure, you will always feel threatened by other people. An insecure person gets jealous very easily, like so very bery fery easily!

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“Baby, who was the girl you were talking to just now?” asks Queen.

“She’s just a good friend & you know her as well don’t you?” says Baby.

“I don’t want you to ever be in contact with her again, don’t disappoint me.” rants Queen.

“She has always been in my life, can’t I be in touch with her every once in a while?” begs Baby.

“I don’t care who she is or how much she means to you. You should not be close to any girl, especially this one! ” says Queen.

“Its no big deal having some catching up sessions, it’s been half a year since and you don’t even know her in person.”  pleads Baby.

“Are you committed to me or not ?” asks Queen.


I hope that entertained you, because to tell you so very frankly. Your action has erased all the goodness I have seen in you, heck it doesn’t matter at all. Move on with life, its ze new 2008, which I am not going to waste a single second for you.

I have moved on baby,
no longer your baby.


coming soon!

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