July 4, 2009

The weekend has finally arrived! Its been a long day spent at DATUM: KL 2009 in conjunction with the ongoing Archidex 2009,a PAM (Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia) 2009 Convention, in KLCC driving down with Clement, Aaron, Elaine and Daphne. Morning traffics are often crazy, and I think I’m getting really used to being stuck in traffic that I don’t really dread it anymore. If you can’t beat them, join them wtf. Tomorrow’s gonna be another fantastic morning, possibly beating traffic with Aaron and spending the rest of my day enjoying the talks.

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It was so bloody embarrassing that I fell asleep in between sessions. :|

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Before I proceed any further,this was the what happened at dad’s office the other day. Although I know I might get killed 34524528356298 times for this,the Keeper can’t do nuts about it this time. :D

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Everybody meet Slinky! :) You go round and round in circles,and omg two years wtf. I will never forget that one pathetic miserable photo montage for Studio 1 which he helped me out with. I personally like this picture. A perfect photo caption would be – Smile with your teeth :D

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Nee Kee was actually posing decently for the camera,this is the first I’ve seen on my archives.As much as I love this picture,it made me look wayyyyyy to short so therefore he shall learn to bend down a little lower to make me feel a little taller in pictures. ;)

Had dinner last night with the boys which was quite a last minute plan,but I sure did enjoyed my Chawanmushi and the whole talk about having both their appendicitis removed. :|

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They both sure did their part in cheering the cheerio up last night. :) The drive home was thankfully smooth because I was driving at the speed of light while texting on the mobile phone.I’m gonna post up a couple of pictures taken earlier today.This was of course,before I fell asleep.

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Clement and myself. :)

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The weekend should be quite a good one,my Saturday is almost coming to an end. Had lunch with Justin & the Keeper at some place in SS19,before munching down Big Apple donuts wtf. My relatives from Sydney and Singapore who’ll be putting up a night at my place, I’m expecting a hectic weekend,and I hope you’re all having a great time this weekend. :)

On a contrary,for a moment I had full respect for her for every bit of every effort put in to win the rat race regardless of the issues which were brought up along the line because it frankly doesn’t bother me much. In fact,the post written was apparently taken down before I could even get my eyes to read it. :| I’m not gonna add fuel to any fire,but any publicity is a good publicity I guess. At some point in our lives,when you’ve achieved enough and feel fulfilled; there’s no need for the hassle to paint an ugly picture of anybody else. :)

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Before I sign off today,I’m sure you readers are pretty familiar with Amanda around this blog site. :) The Most Wanted Ruumate competition voting period is about to come to an end soon,and I guess you can all do your part by voting for her. I believe in playing it fair,playing it right and playing it well silently. Morale values goes along way in painting a picture about an individual. ;)

Feel free to private message me to find out more.
Playing it well silently,gently and upfront when necessary.
To vote for Amanda,click here.

Much love,cheerios.

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4 comments “Low.”

  1. L-isa says:

    babe i was in klcc yday.why didnt v meet up :( sigh

  2. maRCus says:

    how.. when you’re donw and low, wake up and smell the coffee yeahz!! XD

  3. EVo says:

    Awesome audience at the datum kl show wei! what wuz happening there? i budak kampung haha…!

  4. Khai says:

    I loved your lecture theater. All the best to u :)


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