May 18, 2013

Good day. :) I’m feeling a whole lot better now. This is gonna be one stressful weekend but things should get better as soon as I see results. Sometimes you just got to let things fall into place on its own, and not over-think it. Post gym session :D I love working out, and I wish I had more time. :( But hey, priorities! Anyway, here’s something I found pretty true. Stages of Healing from a Broken Heart: Stage 1: Disbelief, shock, numbness, strength, sadness, confusion, anger, fear of loneliness. Stage 2: Anger, disbelief, strength, fear, hostility, and vengeance may show up, pain, and sorrow. Stage 3: Missing the person intensely, pain, sorrow, numbness, confusion, missing the person intensely, wanting to cave, pain, fear of loneliness, disbelief, negative internal dialogue, acceptance. Stage 4: Numbness, acceptance, strength, pain, fear of loneliness, sorrow, numbness, disbelief, wanting to insult the person, vengeance may show up, sorrow, anger, acceptance, strength. Stage 5: Missing the person less intensely, pain, acceptance, fear of loneliness, negative self outlook, loss of hope for future relationships, needing the company of others, numbness, acceptance. Stage 6: Acceptance,

needing the company of others, loss of hope for future relationships, negative internal dialogue, missing the person less intensely, needing the company of others, strength. Stage 7: Strength, wanting to improve, feeling attractive again, acceptance, needing the company of others, missing the person less intensely, a little bit of sorrow at night while in bed. Stage 8: Acceptance, needing the company of others, hopeful about the future, wanting to improve, missing the person sometimes, strength, positive internal dialogue, needing the company of others, feeling OK about being single. Side effect that is an ill gotten gain: Ability to recognize a bad trait in a new potential mate and having the courage to refuse to go through a bad relationship again. 1 Strong opinions about yourself that are not based on true facts. 2 Negative self view 3 Negative internal dialogue 4 Harmful self destructive behavior/self abuse (binging, over eating,wanting to die, seeking to die, taking risks) 5 Self neglect (not taking proper care of yourself, letting yourself go) If you experience these side effects, you remain in a broken heart stage and this is not healthy. You need to really make a decision to improve in your weak areas and take control of your life. Live purposefully and decide to be free from pain and be done with the stages. You have the right and the power to live a life free from pain, and negativity. I am at Stage 8, thankfully! :) Till then, speak tomorrow. :) Making it a point to blog everyday remember? xx

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