Knight in Gloves.

April 9, 2010

Good day folks. I’ve been busy with studio,thesis and having all that put together is just crazy! I wake up as early as 6.50am in the morning for an 8am class; only to realize that more than half my class only reaches after 8.30am wtf and that I wasn’t exactly late to begin with. :roll: My level of exhaustion has just gone up a couple of notches and thats not funny because I nearly got into accidents while driving myself to class this week.

Its absolutely not my style to not update more than two days,and knowing that lately I’ve been struggling to even keep track with my sleep; I guess thats starting to happen without realizing. I’ve amazingly shut off all emotions, or is it because life is so great these days that I’m no longer emotional in anyway. :shock: Fear not, I’m just trying to get a hang of the newly increased workload wtf.

So the other day when I met Jason,he asked; where is your boyf?
And he literally pronounced it,your boyf your boyf your boyf because of how I use the term boyf on my twitter updates. :razz: I laughed my ass off,told the Keeper about it; and mocked him calling him the boyf now!

I spent my yesterday at Carol’s,rushing to wrap up some report draft; ended with a horrible headache and I feel a whole lot better now. Its always been this crazy idea, or rather a dream which I have to be able to purchase our own tiny home before I turn 25! :razz: I know it sounds pretty crazy considering I’m still studying having like another 3 years before I am done with everything, that sounds like a pretty far-fetches plan don’t you think?

I guess its these little things which makes me think happy thoughts and we talk about it almost all the time. The Keeper would highlight on how we should include a poker room wtf (which idiot dedicates an entire room to poker!), how we must find a place with a balcony outside the bedroom for him to smoke (strictly non-smoking house) and how I emphasized on creating this step-up walk in closet to save space; fingers crossed that I get to pick up furniture designing along the way. :roll:

If you think we’re not dreamy enough, we both agreed that the toilet will be one of the most special zone in the house. Decided to have two shower heads on separate sections with see through toilet walls wtf, and even having a bathtub, mini TV screen and full length mirrors all over. :razz:

© Earl Carter

© Ryota Atarashi

© Hilary Ferris White© Daniel Moreno

I’ll design the entire house.
And he insists on building me my dream kitchen,since thats his field of expertise.

If you dare to dream and reach out for the stars; even if you fail you’ll probably end up being somewhere up there,somewhere close. Its probably one of the happiest things to talk about because things just seem more possible now than before, and I’m obviously thrilled to be able to design my own home with the Keeper. Honestly,it makes a whole lot difference when you’re a student and you earn enough money to save; aiming to save RM15,000 this year; and did i mention that this blog is my source of income too at the moment?

Sounds pretty far-fetched but I’m saving the money in my piggy bank; not to buy some expensive bag & fancy clothes (thats from parents!), but to buy our own home soon enough. :razz: It’ll be seven years together when I turn 25, the Keeper is already complaining that I need to grow up(and old) a little quicker wtf.

If I was an absolutely stranger reading everything I wrote above, I would have gone; man this girl can surely dream! :shock: But here’s this thing about me, most of the things which have happened (the good ones) all became a reality because I dream about it. Its that subconscious within your thoughts that leads you to where you wanna be. In relationships, its like driving in the same car heading towards the same final destination. You might have to make a couple of pit stops,detours and roundabouts, as long as you’re both in it together heading towards that same final destination, life’s gonna be nothing but a dream come true!

Its gonna be five years to our relationship soon, its usually times like this when you start planning your future together right? I really am happy where I am, we seem to have found our common ground on all issues, we hang out like best friends, we make out like how lovers do wtf, we spend our Sunday evenings walking Brownthepom sitting on seesaws and lately even flying kites. I mean, we’re way passed our honeymoon period (1st year), massive learning give & take period (2nd year), stabilizing period (3rd year), rocky dangerous every problem boiling over period(4th year and proven!) and now we’re back at honeymoon again! :razz:

If you’re in love,hold on to it & never give up.
If there’re no evident answers, ask that beepbeepbluping beating heart.
Many people may be married, but some might have lost their soul mates somewhere along the way.
Chins up,and I hope you missed me! :razz:

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3 comments “Knight in Gloves.”

  1. Sherene says:

    Hey, sorry about you having to come early and i didn’t even managed to attend the class (the B.Science draft was keeping me glued to my pc at home). Perhaps someday i can make it up to you or something.

    Anyway, now i see your point about wanting to get your own house. I don’t think it’s a dream at all. Everything is possible so long as you really want it, right? And to be able to share that one dream with someone you love, i have to say, girl, you are so lucky. =)

  2. giam2020 says:

    Dare to dream, and there is hope.
    Hope is a something positive that you have.
    And success will follow that dream of yours.
    It may take time,but surely time is on your side.
    Wish you all the best in this dream of yours.

  3. MunMun says:

    hey girl,
    I really enjoyed this post and everything abt it. from the pics to the msg u had in it.
    and i love how u find so much positive energy in you too!

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