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January 6, 2013

It’s Sunday! My favourite day of the week because its has lazy written all over it. :) I’m supposed to hit the gym after breakfast but I always dread the crowded gym during weekends. People should just stay at home and sleep in LOL. I don’t like having to wait around for my turn to use a particular machine, since I’m usually on a circuit, it messes up my completion time. And I detest how alpha males would somehow is 10mg cialis enough assume that the ‘bigger’ they are, the more authority they hold at the gym, and they can just brush you off as if your workout is probably less important as compared to theirs. Seriously I’ve gotten bullied at the gym for being a girl at the weights section, and I think it’s absolutely rude and absurd to do it to a girl. Just because I’m not as strong, it doesn’t make my workout any less important or essential. :( Weather’s been great, thankfully. I think basketball is a game I’ll never get tired of. Been playing since highschool and it’s one of the few sports I can be fairly good in. The thrill and excitement when a ball enters, and I love it when I get to steal. The only legit time to steal and feel right about it. :D I wish to be more consistent with my shots, but gym workout does have its pros and cons. I have to say that at days my accuracy can go up to 90%, it’s mostly muscle memory and I reckon lifting weights does built more muscle to do that. There may be times when I can go completely off form too. And when that happens, switch the game play mode to a defensive one and assist. Here’s coming from a girl’s point of view, I think that physical and mental strength go hand in hand for basketball. We were trained to learn how to adjust, or read the mistakes from our failed shots (i.e. height, straightness, power) and the quicker to correct it, the better. Mind over matter I guess. The best part about the game, if you’re lucky, you might make heaps of new friends you probably wouldn’t meet if it wasn’t for the love of the same sport. You know whats weird, sometimes I feel like I’m such a boy trapped in a girl’s body. LOL. Although I’m way too vain to be one. :) post basketball rosy cheeks :) Btw, I noticed that my arm size has reduced quite a bit after all the weight lifting and basketball. does medicare part d cover viagra Just to prove that you don’t bulk up from strength training for girls. insert caption please. My favourite pair of Air Jordans, got ‘em two years ago and it’s still in good shape. Left it in Melbourne though. :| Yesterday was the launch of this pair of Kobe 8 Christmas edition. I needed proper shoes because my feet hurts due to the impact from all the jumping and landing without proper cushioning. So, I decided to buy this pair of shoes. There’s only 15 pairs and it’s probably sold out by now! Anyway, my bad cough is finally recovering. :) I have quite a bit planned this week, so the sooner I recover, the better. I think I’m gonna post up some long overdue photos of my previous studio’s design work. Didn’t really have the time to post about this earlier because then I didn’t want to jinx it, just in case I don’t get my H1 (it’s like High Distinction but Melbourne University calls ‘em H1). So here’s a snippet of my crazy, intense and fulfilling side of my life in Melbourne. Worked my butt off for this. miss my room in Melbourne :( It was a really good experience and being able to design a project which addressed heavily on healthcare was amazing. It was a project really close to my heart because my late grandmother suffered from dementia. It’s not your regular disease because these patients are highly capable of injuring themselves, even in their usual home environment. I’ve experienced it first hand, and this disease leaves a great impact on their loved ones too. A home will never feel the same with a dementia patient around because there’s just way too much tension, never ending worries and stress. Hence, my aim for this project, is to change the idea of dementia centre as the typical “hospital-like” facility where you’re only there for a purpose, and change it into a well received disease. This centre was designed with a childcare centre and sport facilities hub to hopefully regenerate the immediate surroundings of the site, bringing the young, the adults and the old together. “Dementia is not merely a problem of memory. It reduces the ability to learn, reason, retain or recall past experience and there is also loss of patterns of thoughts, feelings and activities. Additional mental and behavioral problems often affect people who have dementia, and may influence quality of life, caregivers, and the need for institutionalization. As dementia worsens individuals may neglect themselves and may become dis-inhibited and may become incontinent.Depression affects 20–30% of people who have dementia, and about 20% have anxiety. Psychosis (often delusions of persecution) and agitation/aggression also often accompany dementia. Sketch & illustrate. Oh that’s my housemate’s uber cool coffee machine btw. Doodling out viagra vs extenze a rough section, ideas and intentions, they’re essentially the most important part of any good building design. Building site :) ‘ What I had in mind, and what came about a week later. :) It all started with a sketch. One of my toughest challenge last semester, was to pick up a new Revit Architecture on the go. Spent hours on Youtube figuring out how to use the software and be good in it. It was a good gamble I think. The initial plan was to pick up a short course to learn Revit in RMIT, which would have cost me about 1000AUD. :| Phew! First attempt on Revit’s rendering. Pretty good I must say. I usually use 3DsMax or Google Sketchup for my previous 3D works, so Revit is pretty good! Concept physical model. Preliminary presentation on my birthday. T______________T So yes, spent the entire two weeks before my birthday rushing for this. More ideas :) I miss my table in Melbourne. Dad is rewarding me with a new super workstation when I get back in February! :) Rendering in progress. Takes hours to get it right. Lots of trial and error. See what I mean? Test render on the central living area. Screenshot via iPhone of another test render; Site: photo montageeeeeeeee ♥ Notice the super-imposed dove birds? sketches and design development. I’ve always believed that it is crucial to retain your main vision for any project and not lose the essence of your design along the way. this is how I roll ♥ :) Exterior view from the front; Exterior view from the back; entralized living area, catered to a group of 15 each – common dining, reading and entertainment area. A scheme with NO 90 DEGREES. Main intention was to create a sense of fluidity within the facility, a constant directive circulation. As cialis and stroke soon as each patient leaves their bedroom suites, they would immediately walk out to the main living area where their friends and staffs hang around. :) I feel that it’s always nice to have your own privacy, but still feel like people around just a stone throw away? Night test render @9PM. @6.30pm. Yea the humans, shadows are mostly superimposed via photoshop. Before, After. :) Main activity hub : art, music, library that extends out to an open deck for outdoor activities. Staff area | office, meeting room, staff rest area. Rooftop garden pathway that connects the individual private accommodation units. This building caters to families, friends, researches and dementia related people for short to long-term stay. Bedroom Suite A. Bedroom Suite B. Texture and materials. Two days of Photoshopping. ONE WEEK TO FINISH THE ENTIRE 3D MODEL, RENDERINGS, DRAWINGS AND PRESENTATION PANEL. :) /pats back Casting magic spells when I’m not at work :D And yes, hitting the gym to keep me sane. :) I price viagra uk had two days to complete my final model. So here’s goes.. Laset cut pieces.. I love making models. Maybe it’s an OCD, it’s like putting together a three-dimensional puzzle where you have to visualize the final outcome and build it according to what you have in mind. My fingers are usually bruised, swollen, and covered with glue. :| Didn’t have enough time to make a really detailed final model, so this was sufficient to use as a tool for my final presentation which really worked out for me. Design critiques and tutors really grasped the idea through the model. :) Hard work paid off. Despite the “mess”, the beanbag and additional coffee table totally made it look so cozy right? :) that’s my camp zone yo! Completion :) I try to leave one day of rest doing absolutely nothing before the final submission. I like finishing things on time. Timing is key. Printed 6 A1 sized banner, which cost me approx RM450. :( All for a short 15 minutes presentation.     Dr. Richard Fleming, Dr. Brian Kidd, Architect Allen Kong, Ms. Sarah Backhouse. :) Photo credits to Carol! While I’m doing my thing. :) I love presentations!!! I nailed it. :) I’m just so happy that everything worked out as planned. I owe it to my tutor Dr.Brian Kidd who’s shown so much guidance and I’ve learned so much last semester. I hope you liked my work too. Hopefully I can keep up the grades and do even better next semester. Nothing good in life comes easy. Be it relationships, career or beauty, everything boils down to hard work. I think one thing that really changed when I studied abroad was the change of attitude to acquire knowledge. There’s just way too much spoon feeding in Malaysia. You expect knowledge to be delivered to your door step, and frankly life doesn’t work that way. What you acquire now, will determine how well you do in the future. I hope to be up in the air again this year. I love heights! 2010.   2011. 2012. 2013. And yes, I’ll be back making music covers soon. Hopefully. Till then, hope you had a good read. :) Life is an adventure, keep breaking down barriers and don’t stop believing that nothing is impossible. Just gotta be “Im Possible”. Before I started hitting the gym chubby cheeks (it’s still chubby now sigh,just less chubby) After hitting the gym. (still chubby by default but less chubby) :(

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