Jayesslee Live in KL 2012.

June 6, 2012

Greetings. I’m having such a lousy day. The pain on my lower back is killing me and had a major scare last night that it could be a slipped disc. The horror of not being to workout and all the consequences that comes with it was scary. I sorta cried myself to sleep last night worrying that I might not be able to do a lot of things and the pain was mind numbing. :( Went to see a doctor this morning, and it was confirmed that it’s just a big muscle injury, and inflammation. Gotta make sure I recover asap and get lots of rest.

Speaking about life, things always happen when you least expect them to. People just pop out of nowhere and paint your life oh so colorful. Had a long heart to heart talk with mummy today, since I’m on MC and had the opportunity to be a total couch potato. She was bombarding me questions about my relationship, and boys. It was interesting to hear what she had to say and it was a good mother-daughter session. Couldn’t have escaped all the awkward questions because my movement was restricted. :| So much has changed. I love my mum. She may not be entirely pleased with the way I deal with relationships, but she’s not intrusive or possessive. She gave me space to discover, and constantly redefining what I want in life.

I’m sure there’s a point in time as a teenager where our parents seem like aliens from outer space. The best part about being young is the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from it. I remember being so secretive about things so much that I wanted them to know nothing. I understand that some parents can be very controlling, overly possessive, and sometimes highly unreasonable. They are only human. I wish I was a little more patient and obedient. It would have given them a peace of mind and maybe our tight bond could’ve been a tighter one. I’ve witnessed a real life situation where a child bitches so much about their mum that it’s almost unbelievable. I personally think its important to have parents that we can look up to as a role model. Don’t you agree?

Supercool mum & dad. :)

Despite feeling so blehhhhh today;

Favourite pair of jean shorts.

I miss Kangaroos :(

sketch o sketch :)

Goodies from catchofthday.com.au. Can’t wait to get my hands on ‘em! :) :)

I love this!!! :) Super duper cute right?

My hunky Brownthepom :)

Jayesslee is on an ASIA-PACIFIC Tour with Malaysia being one of the stops out of the seven stops on this leg of tour (Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Manila, Jakarta and Bangkok). Kindly be informed that Jayesslee will be performing in Menara PGRM on 23rd June 2012 for ONE NIGHT ONLY. There are no other performances in City Harvest or any other venues.

Gonna be there with partner-in-crime Melissa Yang. :)

Hurry grab your tickets before it is sold out!
Ticket prices for Jayesslee Live in KL 2012 are as follows:

Normal seating – RM99
VIP seating – RM199
- Exclusive VIP pass and lanyard
- Priority Entrance

VVIP seating – RM349
- Exclusive post-concert Meet & Greet with Jayesslee
- Excusive VVIP pass and lanyard
- Priority Entrance

*Ticket prices include AirAsiaRedtix Fee
A portion of the proceeds from each ticket will be donated to the Malaysian National Cancer Council (MAKNA)

PHYSICAL TICKETS can be purchased at the following outlets (in Selangor & KL):

Rock Corner outlets
1. The Gardens, Mid Valley (TEL: 03 – 2283 4893)
2. Mid Valley

(TEL: 03 – 2284 1423)
3. KLCC (TEL: 03 – 2161 9417)
4. Subang Parade (TEL: 03 – 5636 9520)
5. The Curve (TEL: 03 – 7729 6313)
6. One Utama (TEL: 03 – 7725 5667)

Victoria Music outlets
1. Sg Wang(TEL: 03 – 2148 7208)
2. Amcorp (TEL: 03 – 7956 0592)
3. Tropicana (TEL: 03 – 7722 2955)
4. BSC (TEL: 03 – 2093 1093)

KL Life Centre (TEL: 03 – 2162 2570)

Tickets can be purchased online via Redtix : www.AirAsiaRedTix.com

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  1. Laura says:

    Hi Ellie!!
    It’s such nice hearing that you and your mum have got a good relationship!!
    Keep it! It’s really precious!

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