Hit & Run.

October 18, 2011

What is the world turning into? When

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I came across the video header, I honestly did not expect to is viagra generic see something that cruel; its not an ordinary accident. This paints an image of the current inhuman state and cruelty of mankind. I grabbed Leon to watch this with me because I knew its not gonna be a pretty sight. Our jaws dropped, the van was in the wrong to hit and run; but the 18 passer-by who drove/walked passed just stared as if it was a piece of raw flesh or some doll; they did nothing about it. Nobody cared, nobody took the effort to pull her off the road; and she must have already been bleeding by then. The ignorant heartless souls who chose to ignore the poor child led to a second (more painful) damage when another lorry ran over the poor child. :( SERIOUSLY. I canadian pharmacy journal doubt she’s able to yell “HELP” in Chinese at 2 years old, and even if she could; after being rolled over by the van, the internal injury would have been pretty bad. I teared for a bit, knowing how cruel this generation of people have become; its almost people are breed to live so selfishly. I know I’m in no position to dictate who deserves the blame for this accident; but this situation could have had a different outcome. Knowing she’s only 2 years old, anyone in the right mind would have dragged her off the main road (adults would have known that its definitely dangerous with cars moving back & forth?) and she wouldn’t have been rolled over in the very first place. Man this is a bad, bad situation. A man who walks by pretending not to see the little girl lying injured on the street. A Chinese man riding by on his tricycle cart carrying pipes, avoiding the body of a 2-year-old little girl on the road. 2-year-old female child ran over by car, with best place to buy cialis online 18 passer-by ignoring her. October 13th afternoon around 5:30, a car accident occurred at the canadian pharmacy licensed Guangfo Hardware Market in Huangqi of Foshan. A van hit a 2-year-old little girl and then fled. No passersby reached out to help and then another car ran over her. Over the span of 7 minutes, a total of 17 people passing by failed to extend a hand or call the police, up until the 19th person, a garbage scavenger ayi [older woman], who lifted her up after discovering her but the little girl in her arms was like a noodle, immediately collapsing back onto the ground. The trash scavenger ayi called for help, and the little adderall and cialis girl’s mother, who was in the vicinity, immediately rushed over and rushed her to the hospital. In addition to showing the little girl, Yue Yuem being run over twice and many of the bystanders who didn’t stop to help her, it also shows that Yue Yue is currently in the hospital in critical condition. Police have already found the second driver but have yet to find the first driver as they were unable to read the first van’s license plate and are calling upon witnesses for help. Yue Yue’s parents are also shown. Source: www.chinasmack.com Now, have your say.

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2 comments “Hit & Run.”

  1. Mandy says:


    She passed away Ellie :(
    Human race is such a disgrace

  2. marccus says:

    humanity slipped to the bottom of valley..

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