Happy Birthday Daddy!

February 10, 2012

Good day folks. Things are finally moving, and I’ve ordered

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my new iPhone4S; hopefully it reaches me before I fly off to Melbourne. I’ve been busy at the gym, getting my laptop fixed (asap!), shopping for presents and as of right now; we just finished blowing daddy’s birthday cake. Its been quite a day, but I’m really looking forward towards next week. I love Valentines Day, and as much as its totally overrated; I’m a hopeless romantic. :) No idea what the boyfriend is planning out,

but I’m just gonna wait for it. Earlier today; Finally found my make up pouch of my ideal size from Sephora. You can’t carry a huge bag around because that’s just way too much, and sometimes the tiny ones can’t fit anything. Here’s a good size and a sneak peek to what I carry out with me. I don’t really throw on anything when I go out during the day though, au naturale will always be the way to go. I think quality is extremely important when it comes to things you lay on your face, and its different for every skin type. I highly recommend Bobbi Brown products for Asian skin. I’m dying for an Urban Decay Naked 2 palette which is only available in April. :| Brownthepom turns upside down during the afternoon nap. Dinner at Ole-ole Bali earlier tonight. Dad and brother, Wen Zhi. Happy Birthday Daddy! Hope you loved our presents! Mum. :) Youngest brother, Wen Yang. Us. :) :) Happy Birthday to you daddy. :) That’s a cute Baskin Robbins ice-cream cake I ordered. No need to cut the cake up into slices. We ate it all up on the spot, all six of us! I’m so happy that today went on so well. Dad looks so happy because apparently his staffs surprised him with a birthday cake the moment he set foot into office. He’s never a fan of ‘attention’, but I guess he has loosen up a lot over the years. I hope you have a great weekend, remember family time is the most important!

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