Friday October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008

Good day loves. Yesterday was an amazing day,and when i mean amazing; i can’t deny how fantastically long and dreadful it was. Ahh just kidding,the Halloween dress up day was pretty awesome since we rarely get to play dress up. Sadly,our juniors kicked our butts like no joke;having people dressing up as an Egyptian,witches,priests and so much more! It was hilarious i must say, laughing our heads off snapping pictures all the way since everyone was in the mood for it. Besides,its Shien Chii & Clements birthday; we were all in the mood.

I was a super geek by the way.

Although Arizz kept insisting that if i had a pigtail on i’d look like Britney Spears in Baby One More Time and Karlson rubbing it in with his new hairdo claiming if i had my hair short like his,  i’d totally pull off a Britney! I had fun nonetheless,but please excuse the stupidity and its all for the sake for fun. I love how it feels being able to scroll through pictures where people actually look like they’re having so much fun;with me hohoho.

And as for missycheerio.com, i’ll move the whole site over as soon as i’m done with my finals hopefully.For now,the domain will redirect back here on my current site in Xanga. Its time to revamp some stuff and i will be removing a couple of links and adding on new ones.

Pictures Galore! 

With Li Yin,she blogs too! *click*


missycheerio & pinknerd. *click*


myself,Siti,Najat & Shien Chii.




Siti & Kar Weng.



Arizz the Alleycat forth member.


Super Geek,picture taken in studio.



Drawings,drawings & more drawings.






say hello to GeekyCheerio.





Ellieville,the geekywitch.





SissyDevil Jun Wai.


Yee Ruh & myself & the outcast! 

Aaron & myself.
Love the bufffff.

Shien Chii, myself, Aaron & Ben.

Ben,Shien Chii,Yee Ruh,myself and Aaron.
They were all buffin’ their arms up,spot the outcast! 

Its in your eyes,Ben.
Can’t hide it no more.

Doing what i do best with a DSLR,camwhore!

The SissyDevil working it during his presentation.


Our masterpiece.


Aaron & Shien Chii,love this shot!


GeekyMe. And the Blair’s inspired hairband worn like some weirdo intentionally okay,as silly as it may be!



Geeky Glasses – 7bucks via Asian Avenue,Pyramid.

Hair Band – Diva.

White shirt – Dorothy Perkins.

Vest – Gossips,Bangsar.

Tie- Dad’s,pretty Gossip Girl/Harry Potter like eh?

Skirt – MNG.




Happy Birthday again,Chii.


Aaron Chew,caught in action. *click*



Mee Yi, myself, Daphne & Hau Yee. click on names for direct link to blogs!









Clement & myself, i love how my pictures turn out when its taken with him wtf.Sighs,how i wish i had dimples too!



I love how reassured things are right now.And at the same time,i’m fucking worried about my studio.



essay of the day.

My reply,all in one breath :

it was a professor’s glasses stolen by ME cause I have a crush on the professor so I want to be like him and be near to him cause I fell wearing his weird specs would make her look weird too cause the professor rejected her cause I am too pretty for him so I purposely wear this weird specs and take lots and lots of picture and post in on facebook so the professor can see how weird i have become and then maybe will like me and ask me out on a date and then i will be happy and buy another same specs and wear it everyday so we can be the same and loving each other day by day until happily ever after..Phew! SAID that all in one breath! =)

On a random note,have you ever wonder how do you choose the right life partner? And when i mean a life partner,it can be the life partner at any point of your life. Do you choose somebody who you can relate to so well that it feels as if you’ve known each other for two thousand lifetimes; or do you go for someone that is noth

ing like you like the ever so cliché opposites attracts; or do you gamble and take risks?

There is a price to pay being a risk taker,the stake will always be higher and you have to be able to take the fall. I was once a risk taker,i gambled my life away hanging on a fishing rod string wtf waiting for things to snap someday; and it did. But it made life worth it in the very end, every moment I struggled to win the gamble and falling from grace; closed the my chapter of high school. I was once very manipulative,ignorant and stubborn, the three killer combination for the worst case scenario.You know,i’ve subconsciously developed this awkward skill of forgetting.

They say its easy to forgive,

but it takes a lifetime to forget.

I guess the fast recovery from the rock bottom fall was the ability to just forgive and forget entirely. It still scares me sometimes,when I’ve lost so much memory about that phase. I needed and wanted to get over it so badly that now i can’t recall nuts,it felt so far away.  I am fearful of the fact that i can forget anyone, to have a DELETE button and ERASE history is not something to be proud of but it keeps me going.

A Fine Frenzy – Near To You

he and I had something beautiful
but so dysfunctional,
 it couldn’t last
 I loved him so
but I let him go
 ‘cause I knew he’d never love me back
such pain as this shouldn’t have to be experienced
 I’m still reeling from the loss,
still a little bit delirious
near to you,
I am healing but it’s taking so long
 ’cause though he’s gone
and you are wonderful it’s hard to move on yet,
I’m better near to you.
you and I have something different
 and I’m enjoying it cautiously
I’m battle scarred, but I am working oh so hard
 to get back to who I used to be he’s disappearing,
fading steadily well,
 I’m so close to being yours,
won’t you stay with me,
please near to you,
 I am healing but it’s taking so long
 ’cause though he’s gone and you are wonderful
 it’s hard to move on yet,
 I’m better near to you
 I only know that I am better
where you are
I only know that I am better
 where you are I only know that I belong
where you are near to you,
 I am healing but it’s taking so long
 ’cause though he’s gone and you are wonderful
it’s hard to move on yet,
I’m better near to you.

P/S: I guess you’ve missed out,
in the very end.



Pictures grabbed from Li Yin.

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  1. there is a truly scary looking finger in one of those photos.. i nearly gagged

  2. missycheerio says:

    T_T how come?
    which finger lol! :D

    @tickledpinks_pulitzer - 

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