Friday March 21, 2008

March 21, 2008

Good morning.
new links up,gonna wrap it up this weekend. The boyfriend is off today,Good Friday and i hope its all good today. As mentioned, went out shopping with my parents and brothers, finally gotten my much sought after skin care products, shopping and more shopping. I just realized how good looking my brother,Wen Zhi has become. I know it sounds pretty weird,cause usually we don’t praise our siblings for being good looking instead we fight and argue throwing tantrums all the time.

credits to you Wen Zhi for turning into some dude who’s working his butt off to get into the perfect shape. Hey,thats my perspective lah okay,having broad shoulders,tall,dark,handsome with great features, gorgeous arms. There’s a catch,i’ve got a great feeling that his girlfriend gonna have to deal with a sister like me, like what i’ve always warned him about. Heck,i still love my brother more than anything else.

have a great weekend ahead,going out now.
buh bye!

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p/s: if there’s any typo on the links,sorry in advance and let me know.

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