Friday January 4, 2008

January 4, 2008



Good day everyone!  I will be spending the final bits of my holidays this weekend,
so have no expectations on updates. Spent the whole day reading from my bed,to the couch,
to the porch & the list goes on. As much as i’ve indulged a little too much on
Facebook, i somehow do not enjoy playing games & all. I get hooked on too easily!
Which is bad,bad & bad when i don’t know when to say No. Facebook has caused some
serious impact on my online life, i don’t blog hop anymore because they waste my time
waiting for the pages to load but somehow the daily hits goes up when i don’t blog hop , i lost all my online-shopping blog sites!!, i stopped Friendster, MSN appearing offline most of the time, & i don’t even dig hollywood bitching anymore!

Thats what Facebook can do.

I’m starting a strict routine of only going online after MIDNIGHT,in order to curb my addiction
and so very freaking honestly, i’m only interested in the Nuffnang/Advertlets ads $$ now.  You happy,i also happy maaaaaaaaaaaa!  

back to the previous post on Listening.

Lets just say, you fell into one of the five poor listening styles which i obviously did.
You know,when you argue with your bf/gf & the favourite line goes “I don’t think you understand me.”
Genuine listening
its the key to get it all right.

So first, listen with your eyes, heart & ears. As proven,listening with your ears alone
during lectures isn’t enough when your lecturer is pointing out facts on the Powerpoint
slides or having Q&A sessions without participating in it.  I’m just giving a simple example
that i can think of right now.

7% of communication is contained from the words we use.
53% comes from the body language & how we say words.
40% would be from the tone & feeling reflected in our voice.

try pronoucing the words in bold.

i didn’t say you had an attitude problem.
i didn’t say you had an attitude problem.
i didn’t say you had an attitude problem.

 good night,see you on Monday *waves happily*

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