Friday February 16, 2007

February 16, 2007

:: Gong Xi Fa Cai ::

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‘its finally time to collect ang pows. its finally time to gamble my ass out. win some big money. then spend the big money. the sad thing is,there’s no WI-FI connection there in Muar,Johor. my hometown = the place where ill be for the next few days. so there’ll be no updates. my next post will be on 21st Feb  2007. so wait up!.




its sad tht alvin’s gonna be in Penang ‘NORTH‘ and im gonna be in Johor ‘SOUTH‘.separated by hundreds of miles if you really wanna measure. i have a few shoutouts to my fellow friends,yes FRIENDS. dearest sue-yenn,hope you’ll have a great time in Indonesia,take more pictures and get me a souvenir*. donovan in Melbourne,is it lonely there during CNY,anyway,happy CNY and hope ur collecting ang pows there as well. got such thing as belated ang pows?  srianti,have a safe trip back to Indonesia,have fun!. fyfa,who knows you might bump into Alvin in Penang?. Tiff- u going Penang oso?lol. Chien Loong,happy CNY,see!ur not forgotten. M*,i will not let u down,do they celebrate CNY there?. weng leong,zi wei,jason,justin,ziyang etc.. gong xi fa cai* where’s my ang pows?.pearly,you’re not forgotten!hav fun ya. simone,il call u soon when im back,hugs!. fendy,take care. last but not least,  alvin . love you,have a safe trip back to Penang,you will be missed dearly.


 DSC05093 DSC05095


traffic is gonna be really heavy tomorrow,and thts definitely sad to hear.do expect a frigging long post on the following wednesday cause i cant wait as well. let me update you a little on what i’ve been up to today. morning,had dim sum breakfast with alvin @ USJ20?. then went to did my manicure and padicure @ SS15. i love this new place. ask me more to those who’re interested. i did some french manicure.

start picturing pearl white base coat with rose-red tip.  i loved it. anyway,take care everyone,have a safe trip wherever you’re heading too. gong xi fa cai!.


remember the ky in my previous posts.hit this button.she’s so frigging hot,self-assured,confident,happy,satisfied and have the best respect for people. we should all learn from her. *claps*


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