Friday February 1, 2008

February 1, 2008

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Daddy made me a very very happy girl today.
I wouldn’t consider myself as a photography lover,but i do find the fun of messing around with the pictures,editing & of course the quality of it. Bugged my dad for a few times sending him text smses like (in exact words):

daughter: Hi dad, are we gonna go get the camera today?
father: See how lor.

daughter: Hi dad,can we go get the camera today?

father: depends on my boss.

So he finally gave in today,and we spendt hours choosing,although i already had something in mind. You can’t just enter a shop & ask what should i buy right!it takes both a good camera & photographer to get the good shots. Don’t you agree? I told you im no tech-savvy type of girl & having a DSLR means having expectations chuck right onto your face.

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so chill lah!

I need time to get to know how to use this way beyond my years gadget. i’m like stuck in the -90′s at times! Feel free to throw me advises on the camera settings for day/night okay? Anyway,dad’s throwing his company’s annual dinner at Jogoya,Starhill tomorrow night for 200pax. And i’m the apparent “photographer” of the night with benefits of a return ticket to Jogoya on Valentine’s Day wtf.

Don’t ask me why am i so head over heels with Jogoya, go find that out yourself. Dad was in charge of the supplying,designing & consultancy for that place okay! have to praise praise a little since he deserves the attention this time around.

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went over to the boyfriend’s place after dinner to create some havoc. since he’s like the youngest out of all four child, that makes me youngest whenever i’m around! the moment i stepped onto the doorstep yelled a loud “Harlowww” and said guess whats the new toy!

Alex,his brother immediately stood up from the dining table and robbed me. Claiming that the camera was his!! Then started snapping everything he could & i made his parents pose like a model, don’t intend to post them up here. I’m yet to learn how to camwhore with the DSLR which i think i’ll get that all figured out realllly soon!

camwhore is a girl’s natural talent.
interest varies tho.

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anyway, its nice to have something new to learn everyday.
Don’t you think so?
good night darlings! ♥

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