Social media is no longer about posts, fans/followers, and likes. Those days are long gone. These days, the organic reach of your posts will be very low, due to the drastic changes by the social media platform owners such as Facebook, which rely on your advertising on their platforms to profit from and survive.

Therefore, relying strictly on boring posts that merely tout your products and services will likely see little or zero impact, and may even alienate your customers altogether. And yet, trying to create interesting or even viral content is next to impossible for most in-house marketers with little time.

So, what would be the best ways forward?

B2B and social media

For B2B clients, the need to have LinkedIn content is paramount, as much as blog content for your corporate website or a microsite we can host and maintain.

LinkedIn content are best authored for the specific interests of the platform, which are primarily for recruitment, careers, and human capital. So touting your products here would find very little traction. Talk to us if you need to create useful content for this platform, and in turn, subtly work towards your overt business goals.

B2C and social media

The platform choices for B2C clients are more diverse, although the reach and impact have also reduced dramatically due to platform owners such as Facebook chipping away at organic reach through the years until it is no longer attractive for organic commercial content, especially if you are blatantly touting your wares.

Although less relevant these days, it is still good to maintain Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as widen your content outreach to?video-centric platforms such as YouTube and VIMEO. The Dark Social platforms such as WhatsApp are also getting interesting, where you can get more engagement with your customers, with caveats on data privacy laws of course.

If you are thinking of the 1+ Billion market in China, we have partners to help you reach the social networks in China as well (wechat, weibo, etc).

Messaging and Chatbots

Don’t forget that more people are asking questions these days, just as they ask plenty of questions on search engines such as Google, BING, Baidu or Yandex.

So, messaging platforms (including Facebook’s own Messenger) and automated chatbots are also important to invest in. We are able to help you build simple and effective chatbots to provide a first-tier response and communication platform for your website (and/or social channels if needed):

  • Web-based chatbots with CTA (call to action)
  • Chatbots for social channels (Facebook)

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