Marketers today rely on Inbound Marketing, rather than outbound marketing, to seek out leads, nurture them, close sales, and continue to grow the relationships with customers and prospects.

Inbound Marketing primarily fulfills 3 functions:

  • Sales enablement
  • Marketing automation
  • Customer service

Depending on what backend systems you have, we can work with you to fulfill all, or part of the inbound marketing equation. These are the functions that we can incorporate in an Inbound Marketing system with creative campaigns:

  1. Marketing automation
    1. Landing pages
    2. Email marketing (EDM)
    3. Email tracking and subscription tracking
    4. Social media integration
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    1. Contact management
    2. Track sales progress
    3. Appointments
    4. Helpdesk, Feedback, Ticketing, FAQs
  3. Chatbots
    1. Web-based chatbots with CTA (call to action)
    2. Chatbots for social channels (Facebook)
  4. Webinars
    1. Live webinars with chat with participants
    2. On-demand (“evergreen”) webinars

Unlike some agencies, we are not tied to a particular inbound marketing platform. We are professional consultants who will help recommend the best platform for your business in terms of features, extensibility, usability, and costs. We can also build microsites or websites using WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to integrate these functionality for your inbound marketing campaigns.

We are able to help you build simple and effective chatbots to provide a first-tier response and communication platform for your website (and/or social channels if needed).

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