What we do

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Digital marketing?(social media, mobile, video, SEO/SEM, “inbound marketing“, Web, cybersecurity, and e-commerce) empowers you to communicate with your customers directly, winning and retaining them for profit and sustainability.

We create?Branded Content (editorial content in words, graphics &?video), Campaigns on social media and websites, Lead Generation, and?E-Commerce:

  • Content?(copywriting, creative direction)
  • Social media marketing (blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc)
  • Inbound marketing (marketing automation, lead nurturing, landing pages, SEO, EDM)
  • Advertising & Direct Marketing (Google, Facebook/Instagram, Programmatic buys on major Ad Exchanges)
  • Website?design & hosting (WordPress)
  • E-commerce (Paypal, Woocommerce, WP Easycart, etc)
  • Video production (videography and post-production)
  • Livestreaming (e.g. Facebook)
  • Interactive Video and Gamification
  • Infographics and Slides
  • SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (marketing)
  • Social media monitoring, audits?& reputation tracking
  • Augmented Reality campaigns
  • Influencer audits, campaign development & management
  • Cybersecurity strategy for web & e-commerce

What makes us special

McGallen & Bolden - digital pioneer

McGallen & Bolden – digital marketing pioneer

We are Internet pioneers?since the 1990s, and programmers?since the 1980s. We were there even before the Internet. Remember CompuServe?and?BBS (the “grandfather” of social networks)? We?have developed apps?since the 1980s, and were pioneers in developing?interactive content, and?in social media since the Friendster days (2002). We have been developing web and cybersecurity solutions since commercial Internet started in 1996 (including our NetJanus email security appliance on BSD UNIX), and sysadmin for client e-commerce and web properties.

Unlike some practitioners from?a pure journalism background, our team has strong journalism PLUS field sales/marketing and technical backgrounds, making us?extremely experienced in generating sales-friendly editorial?content.

Our twinned paradigm is “Search+Social?”?to?help you get FOUND through search engines, and engaged on “Social” ecosystems of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Dark Social (WhatsApp), etc.

Our digital expertise is recognized, with the Most Innovative PR Agency of the Year?(Bronze Stevie?), Digital PR Agency of the Year (honorable mention), Most Innovative PR Agency of the Year?(Silver Stevie?), Ragan’s PR Daily Awards?(Online Newsroom), Best Industry Website?(Bronze Stevie?), Intelligent20 (Finalist), etc.

Digital?marketing today is sophisticated – it is not just posting on Facebook or getting fans/followers. You?are looking for brand voice, reputation management, crisis communication, social listening and engagement. You want sales. You want revenue.?We can help with integrated and holistic inbound marketing programs?to steer a call-to-action, generate leads, and?enhance your sales cycle.

Social Media

Even though social media has changed dramatically, it is still important to have it as part of your marketing campaigns and programs. For B2B clients, the need to have LinkedIn content is paramount, as much as blog content for your corporate website or a microsite we can host and maintain. For B2C clients, the need for various social media such as Instagram and Facebook, video-centric platforms such as YouTube and VIMEO, Dark Social marketing through WhatsApp, or other peripheral social networks such as Pinterest, Twitter, etc, can all be managed through our Digital Marketing arm. And if you are thinking of the 1+ Billion market in China, we have partners to help you reach the social networks in China as well (wechat, weibo, etc). Find out more here.

Inbound Marketing

Most marketers (B2C and B2B) tend to use outbound marketing first. However, inbound marketing (permission-based marketing) is now recognized as a powerful tool to seek out customers, convert them into leads, nurture them, close deals, and continue to engage them as long-term customers. Some of the common tactics include EDM, landing pages, microsites, etc. Find out more here.

Video Marketing + Video PR

Did you know that 70% or more of people are viewing video as their primary content today? And they are watching it on smartphones and tablets. Are you reaching out to these audiences and customers, or are you still stuck in a text-centric world??We have produced cinematic and TV ads, produced doccumetaries and short films for clients’ marketing campaigns, and produced video content for editorial and marketing. Find out more here.

Web, Mobile & Cybersecurity since 1996

Unlike web designers who design content and websites without a focus on optimization and backend compliance, we will build SEO-friendly, mobile-friendly, optimized and fast websites, microsites, and e-commerce websites. Find out more here.

Programmatic Campaigns

AI and Machine Learning advertising seems like the rage, and if you need programmatic advertising buys, we can help, on top of Google SEM (AdWords) and social media advertising. We leverage on a programmatic ad platform that uses AI and machine learning to optimize ad buys for you, with fraud detection, transparency on commissions, reports on costs and where your ads appear, and also create IAB-compliant creatives with A/B testing. The platform caters to an intelligent mix of Prospecting and Retargeting ads, so that you can reach out to useful and convertible prospects, and engage them and turn them into paying customers. Obviously, the platform targets mobile, desktop and tablet screens, across global and major Ad Exchanges?such as AppNexus, Google AdX, Microsoft AdX, etc, as well as programmatic access to premium publishers such as CNN, BBC, LinkedIn, Forbes, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Techcrunch, SPH, Yahoo, Time, etc (more than 100,000 sites and AdXs).

Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.
David Packard, co-founder, Hewlett-Packard

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