Creme of The Crop.

January 30, 2017

Good day folks. Its good to feel happy again, and I know everyone is wondering if we’ve gotten back together; we’ve not. I’m not gonna elaborate much, but its just nice to know that after all the shit that has happened; something good came out of it. I’ve been spending quite a lot of time on work, just staying home and rushing my final design; haven’t had enough sleep over the last couple of nights but its getting better now. I feel that I’m in a better state of mind, stronger and firmer with my decisions. No more mood swings because I’m really done with all the negative emotions; apparently I’m some sort of happy bubble, I’m gonna stick to that. I read his blog post, and to be honest; I was moved. It didn’t change the fact that he did what he had to do; but to me the first step of growing up is to realize. You can’t count the dots forward, but you can count it backwards to see what it forms. Have you ever questioned yourself if there were some issues in the past that you might have shut off and suppressed? Not many people can understand the value of life changing moments, moments which define the different check points in our lives. We are all growing into a different (hopefully better) version of ourselves, and we meet new people as we grow. Theoretically; according to my dad, you tend to meet more people when you’re in university or at work because that’s when you meet the creme of the crop. I’m just giving my point of view, from my perspective about relationships when I was 16; and how its different now. I would argue with my parents when they throw me the statement, why settle with one serious boyfriend when you’re so young; you’re gonna meet so many people when you’re in university and when you start working. I had to work my way through their opinions, because obviously the last thing a parent would want, is to see their children wasting their lives away on something not worth it. All could I say was, I think every mistake that I’ve made while growing up was necessary; I learn things the hard way and it’ll always be engraved in me. “What I

can say I do hate is the ugly side of commitment also known as blind devotion. In the same breath that I have all of these positive life role models around, I have seen in the past many friends, female and male suffer from this insane idea that the person they are with is the one just because of the time they’ve put in. I immediately think of when Samantha (from Sex and The City, duh, what other reference point would I have?) was trying to decide whether to stay with her long term boyfriend because “he stayed with me through chemo.” The ladies of SATC and I agreed that this was no reason to stay with someone. Unquestioned dedication because they were there through a hard time, or because at one point you thought they were going to be the one, only leads to bad decisions and the dreaded settling.    

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