We are part of Aurea Terras (“Golden Lands” in Latin) – the Asia Pacific PR Collective, as lead and chair.
Aurea Terras (https://aureaterras.com) - the Asia Pacific PR Collective?

Asia Pacific locales we represent

We have partners who share the SAME tenure and deep experience as us (20 to 30 over years of experience). We have worked with these colleagues collaborating equitably on various client projects, and have become trusted friends and colleagues. Talk to us if you need ASIA PACIFIC PR and marketing expertise and outreach, including these key places we operate in (as lead agency with trusted partners):

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • China (PRC, including Hongkong SAR)
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan ROC
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • India

Many clients appoint us as their Lead?Agency so that they have a single point of billing and communication contact, and we help coordinate every communication program for our clients.

Featured Agency Partners

North Asia

Logo - Paradigm Communications, 典范公關顧問China PRC (and HK)
Paradigm Communications (www.paradigm.com.hk)
Paradigm Communications is an independent PR consultancy in China specialising in corporate and marketing communication services. Established in 1998, we have offices in Beijing and Shanghai, and a team of 20 executives with PR experiences gained from over 35 Chinese cities. We are well versed in utilizing both conventional and social media to support our clients’ communication needs in China. All our clients are multinational corporations, industry co-operatives, and foreign government organizations.

South East Asia

Qycomm (qycomm.id)
Established in 2011, Qycomm is a small, local, and affordable public relations agency in Indonesia – with local knowledge and loyalty to the market. Our domains are crafting stories, creating messages, identifying the right media, and suggesting content strategy to generate exposure for both local media and private contents. In the era of media convergence, we do not limit our services to conventional PR, but encourage every story to be in the digital platform. We do not only handle local clients, but also multinational companies, foreign companies and organizations.

AccentEdge CommunicationsMalaysia
AccentEdge Communications (www.accent-edge.com)
AccentEdge Communications is a boutique PR firm in Malaysia specializing in health, technology, F&B, travel, sports, lifestyle, and FMCG industries. Our integrated communications campaigns are built on strong local market knowledge, research and industry insights. We provide our clients with consumer and brand marketing, corporate and financial communications, health awareness campaigns, and technology communications. AccentEdge delivers excellence in strategic counsel and consultancy in public relations, communication and media relations. We thrive on big challenges. We consistently exceed our client’s expectation through our creativity, value added research, excellent teamwork and positive attitude.

Mind PRThailand
Mind PR (www.mind-pr.com)
Mind PR is a PR agency which has been established in 2009 to provide PR services in Thailand. We do PR to build image to clients’ company, products or services. We treat clients with responsibility, with care and with service in mind by making the most of our ability, our experience and our energy. Our goal is to understand our clients and to meet all their goals for success. Effective PR services would not only enhance your corporate and product images but fortify desired understanding and relationship with public and target groups.


BrightusAustralia + New Zealand
Brightus (www.brightus.com.au)
Brightus is a B2B and tech-focused PR and content
marketing agency based out of Sydney, Australia and covering both Australia and New Zealand. Brightus pairs comprehensive strategy with powerful implementation and assists organisations of all sizes and growth stages in reaching their stakeholders, customers, investors, and their broader industry through strategic communications, public relations, content marketing, social media, and more.

Why Aurea Terras?

Aurea Terras is Latin for “Golden Lands”, which was an ancient description for the Asia Pacific region. We named our collective Aurea Terras to reflect the many business potential and opportunities that the Asia Pacific region is. At the same time, we are a Collective, which means we are a loose alliance (collective) of independent agency partners, with equal standing to each other, providing our best professional expertise to clients in projects and especially retainer programs, for B2B and B2C clients. As a collective, we see each of our agency partners as equals, akin to “King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table”, and we do not charge dues.

Asia Pacific, the growth hub

Asia Pacific, the growth hub

Real Leads and Clients for our Partners

We at McGallen & Bolden Group have proven success as a Lead Agency for many of our B2B and B2C clients worldwide, providing top-quality, dedicated PR and digital marketing consulting, and referring good clients to our agency partners throughout Asia Pacific.

As the Chair for the Aurea Terras collective, we believe that a collective or network is only worth its salt if we can provide real leads and real clients to our agency partners. From our inception as an agency, we have always needed partners to help on-ground work (e.g. media launches, events, luncheons) in each of the countries in Asia Pacific. Many of our agency partners have benefited from our referrals and worked with our retained and project clients.

We understand the pulse and cultural nuances of Asia Pacific

We understand the pulse and cultural nuances of Asia Pacific

Referrals and Accountabilities

As an agency partner, we believe that you should gain exclusivity to all referrals and first right to refusal. Therefore, for any client that needs on-ground work in your country, we will approach you first. If you have no competitive client, and are able to take on the work, and the client is agreeable, we will pass through the work to you. Your accountability will be to us as Lead Agency to get as much media mileage for the client as possible, to facilitate the on-ground events, and to close with a comprehensive media report thereafter.

For many of the ASEAN countries, we believe there should only be one exclusive agency partner for the Collective. For large geographies such as China, we will start with one agency partner and allow clients to dictate if there should be more agency partners, since the likes of China is a colossal market and many large and emerging cities.

We serve you throughout Asia Pacific, including China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong SAR

We serve you throughout APAC, including China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hongkong SAR


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