And They Wonder;

May 19, 2013

Good day all. I hope you’re having a way more enjoyable weekend than mine. For some reason, I’m not as stressed as the previous semesters, but I’ve been working non-stop nonetheless. My theory? Perhaps I’ve been so stressed up the entire semester that I am completely numb when it comes to overwhelming workload. I reckon as an architecture student, you need to give yourself a heads up that there will be a lot of work, and sometimes that multiplies due to your own need for perfection, or the competitive side of a young brooding architect that is rising up to the occasion, to stand out from the crowd. Well, here’s a thing that I truly believe in. Do it yourself, and do it for yourself. That is the only way you’re gonna really learn everything you need to know. The pursuit. The sooner you learn how to deal with rejection (it is unavoidable) and filter constructive cheap viagra online criticism, you will get better. Things were really different architecturally in terms of the level of difficulty and complexity in Bachelors Degree as compared to the current Master of Architecture. In Bachelor’s degree, it is somewhat more general, touching the surface of topics/ideas that you’re interested in. For example, you’re given a design brief, and as long as you come up with canadian pharmacy meds a good concept that is believable and work it, you’re probably gonna score pretty well. You’re probably graded based on the quality of work, development of your initial conceptual idea and the final, the execution of course. So what is so different in Masters studies for me? You can’t exactly bullshit your way through everything. You can be a mighty presenter, but you need substance. The more you read, the better. I’m not sure how it works in Malaysia, but I do realize the difference in the way a knowledge is shared in local universities. There’s more spoon-feeding and we show very little respect for our lecturers/tutors due to the Malaysian mentality. I’m not implying that education overseas is the way to go, but it does make you see things differently. You need to be very resourceful. And to answer the question to whether pursuing the is viagra better than cialis Master of Architecture? Yes please. Architecture truly began for me in Masters. About a year ago, in early 2012, my parents were somewhat against the idea of doing Masters because they feel the lack of passion and commitment to what I was doing, hence the uncertainties. Dad would tell me how it could be a whole chunk of money dumped into the ocean if its not put to good use. He wanted to make sure that this decision to go forward with Masters, was something I wanted more than anything else. It was my future on the line. And so, I spoke to someone. Had this long conversation with Hong Yi, and she’s probably the reason why I went for it. There was this line that has been stuck in my head since, ‘architecture only began in Masters’. It is true. You sit in http://pharmacycanada-rxedtop.com/ a room filled with graduates with working experience. Everybody knows their stuff and you rarely find half-baked students. I’m not even gonna talk about the sort of grades that is required to do Masters. I love it tho. I love how everyone is always so passionate about their work, and carry themselves so well as future architects. We usually spend the first half of the semester on research, and I don’t mean the boring style of research. You create, you make and you apply what you learn. Time is never enough, so don’t punish yourself if you get too stressed up. I’ve learned how that its best to just plan ahead, and be disciplined about it. You can still have time for other things like gym, shopping, coffee dates, and gaming every night. :D Every hour of my day is planned two weeks in advance. I allocate 16 hours for work/uni,2 hours for meals/gym, 2 hours for gaming and 4 hours for sleeping. Anyway the main idea here is to be organized and plan ahead. I’m not great at gaming, but it helps me release and manage my stress on a daily basis. It’s like personal reward fun time and it helped me get over the break up really quickly HAHA. :D But you have to be very careful when it comes to gaming. As for me, I’m not great at it. I merely enjoy the farming sessions because when you’re so focused onto taking the ‘last hit’, it pulled me out of my chain of thoughts with work. In architecture, we tend to get stuck very frequently, so it is important to be able to snap right out of it. Find your source of fun and don’t kill yourself with the work load. Learn to look at all the work passionately. People don’t get how I can work all the time and still ‘feel’ alive. Honestly, I buy cialis online really love what I do. I’m in love with the process, and if the final outcome turns out great, that’s a plus. In this assignment, I had to redesign the design of a sausage. It was so much fun. Designed a hollow sausage, and changed the properties of the skin. The outcome! How’s this for a new sausage LOL Meet the study conceptual models. 5 hours of work. :D I miss photography too. Hopefully I can pick up a DSLR again, left it at home in Malaysia. :( Myself and Marie. :D Running around like a boss hahaha :D I’ve got a new ukulele btw. :) And my love for Tiff&Co continues. :) I gotta get back to work now. For some reason, I’ve left this impression to others that all I do is enjoy life (well I am to be honest) but that’s not all I do. I spend a lot of time alone at home in front of the PC, sketching can go on for hours and it is a lot of

hard work. All I’ve learned after five years of doing architectural studies is to be able to stay calm and collected. Keep it all together, and remember, when you have passion for what you do, IT SHOWS. And this semester, my entire studio mates are probably the most passionate bunch I’ve had in years. It was a little intimidating at the start, (sit a room filled with fellow enthusiasts is cray cray) but I love ‘em now. cialis deflategate Our post mid-term dinner at Panama. EVERYBODY MEET SHENG YI. :D My Architectural Practice buddies: Lei Ling, Marie and Shallyn. :) I hope you’ve had a good read about architecture. The picture above, image on the left was my interim proposal which is no longer in use. :) Stay hungry, stay foolish guys!

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  1. maple says:

    When u have passion for what you do, it SHOW! =), this is motivating!

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